Board of Directors

Harisankar Namasivayam, Co-founder Bhumi India and USA, Treasurer Bhumi USA

One of the original co-founders of Bhumi, Hari developed and led the Kanini project (computer science education) in it’s infancy in the mid-2000’s. He left Chennai for greener pastures, and splits his time between Texas and Geneva, working as an experimental particle physicist and a researcher at CERN.

Raj Swaminathan, Secretary

A software engineer by profession, Raj is interested in framing public policy and promoting technological advances in the aid of lesser developed communities. He also loves traveling and playing board games. He currently lives in the greater Seattle area and works at Kymeta Corporation.


Prahalathan Karunakaran, Co-founder Bhumi India and USA

Co-founder of Bhumi and currently lead for both Bhumi India and USA. Prahal is heavily involved with programme development, strategy and organizational growth and communications. A doctor by profession, he is currently a consultant Ophthalmologist at a leading Eye Hospital in Chennai, India.

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